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        Benefiting the country and the people中文版 | ENGLISH
        About Us
        Our Factory

        Jingzhou Yihai Technology Ltd was founded on April 11, 2011. Located at No 8 Shenzhen Avenue, Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, it covers an area of about 71,7594 square feet with 100 million RMB as registered capital.

        We take "care for human health and establish national brand" as our management aim and are committed to the R&D and production of minimally invasive medical catheters and relevant devices, striving to be a global well-known medical device enterprise.


        Our Product

        1.Interventional Accessory

        2.Medical Imaging

        3.Obsterics & Gynecology

        4.Anesthesiology ICU




        Product Application

        Disposable medical use 


        Our Certificate

        ISO , CE , FSC , GMP , CFDA , 33 patent certificates


        Production Equipment

        Micro plasma welding machine, wire cutting machine, automatic heparin cap assembly machine, CNC EDM machine, plate type blister packaging machine, precision medical silicone extrusion production line, vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine




        Production Market

        Europe,Middle East, North America, South America, Africa, Asia 


        Hotline:0716-8800068    Email:info@yihaim.com   Address:No. 8 Shenzhen Avenue, Jingzhou Development Zone.