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        China's Medical Device Industry Is On The Rise

        Time:2019-09-13 23:13 Click:

        China's medical equipment industry is a sunrise industry, the current market is expanding, has leapt to the world's second largest medical device market, this is only the beginning, with the aging of our country, the future demand for medical devices and further Growth trend, the industry in recent years will have maintained a high growth rate in the future with the rise of domestic medical device companies, the market structure and product structure will undergo major changes.

        China's medical device market is only witnessing the development of this year. The average annual growth rate has been maintained at above 20%, making it the second largest market in the world. In the last year, the market size of medical devices in China reached 120 billion yuan. As the market continues to expand , Domestic medical device companies also grew rapidly, performance of more than a listed company increased by over 30%, diving medical, Xinhua Medical, Music Medical and so on are among the winners.


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